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Welcome to Legendary voiceprints

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Legendary Voiceprints- About me

Mission and History

Hello everyone! My name is Nick Dolle. I am the voice over talent for Legendary Voiceprints. All of my life I had been told I should get into radio or get on stage or become a voice actor! My voice had always taken people by surprise and coupled with creativity, it makes for an explosive event behind the microphone. 

My mission is to provide customers with a voice over that captures and retains the undivided attention of their listeners whether it's a commercial, audio book, product explainer, cartoon, video games, etc. I want your recording to become an icon. I want your YouTube channel to bring you prosperity. I want you wield the power of voice! 

My equipment list

DAW- Garageband, Pro Tools

Microphone- Sterling Audio 50/30

Monitors- Rokit KRK 5's

Full suite of pop filters and accoustic dampening 

Why hire a voice talent in the first place? No one has a bad voice. There is a market for everyone. But, it's imperitive to keep up with the recording quality of your competitors. This means hiring a voice talent with the proper recording space, equipment, and microphone technique training that will be able to deliver a product that surpasses the standard for any application in the audio world.

I wish everyone good fortune and joy for your future projects! I look forward to lending you my voice to make your vision become a reality! Just remember, the search for your voice ends here!

Why Hire a Voice Talent?

Why Hire a Voice Talent?


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